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The Firms experience in Litigation spans all the Courts of Record in Nigeria that is, Tribunals, High Courts Court of Appeal and The Supreme Court of Nigeria. This has been of considerable value to our clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Where litigation may be time wasting or inappropriate, we have a fully developed “Alternative Dispute Resolution Department”, which meaningfully assists clients in areas of Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and other internationally recognized Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism. This is in line locally and with modern international commercial practices.
Our services in this area of dispute resolution whether as an Arbitrator, Mediator, Conciliator and or Solicitors to a party to the dispute in issue is commendable and has been of tremendous assistance to our clients.

Notary Public

On fulfilling the requirements of The Supreme Court of Nigeria, the Principal Partner was appointed Notary public in 1995 hereby enabling the firm to act in such capacity

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property cover copyright, Designs, Devices, Logo, Patent, Trademarks etc.. Our attorneys’ have sophisticated understanding of product liability, franchising, environmental, tax and regulatory issues that accompany Intellectual Property creation, ownership and transfer particularly in the commercial text.
We are also competent to handle challenge to mark registration, renewal or full blown litigation or even class action when the need arises

Matrimonial Causes - Family Law

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family related matters and domestic relations pertaining to family, including marriages, divorces, adoption, domestic abuse, annulment, child custody, parental responsibility, property settlements and issues of and related to inheritance.
We do have commendable experience going by the volume of our family law practice. We also introduce reconciliation of martial disputes between the parties and as such resort to divorce where every effort to save the marriage has failed and the relationship has irretrievably broken down.

Commercial Practice; Investment and Financial Services

Commercial Practice:

The intricacy of different commercial interactions/transactions in the organized business sector requires sensitivity of a firm with a complete knowledge of that sphere. Our job is making these transactions simpler and more understandable for our clients. We assist on matters involving finance transactions i.e.


Construction lending  for commercial purposes

Vessel financing

Equipment leasing transactions

Letter of credit

Secured termed loan

Movie production financing

Manufacturing & health facilities

We also deal with capital market issues be it listing, acquisition of shares, due diligence etc.


When an individual or organization can no longer meet its financial obligations with its lender or lenders as debts become due. Insolvency can lead to insolvency proceedings, in which legal action will be taken against the insolvent entity, and assets may be liquidated to pay off outstanding debts.
Before an insolvent company or person gets involved in insolvency proceedings, it will likely be involved in more informal arrangements with creditors, such as making alternative payment arrangements. Insolvency can arise from poor cash management, a reduction in the forecasted cash inflow or from an increase in cash expenses.
We have made success of debt recovery on behalf of our clients in this area.
Whether on fixed or floating debenture or both we have the capacity to act as Receivers, Manager and Receiver Managers for our clients.

Land Law

We have handled several cases in the High Courts, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The law firm prosecutes and defends criminal charges most specially those relating to or arising from every area of its key practices and we also hold watching brief for clients when so engaged.
The firm’s work involves trials in State or Federal High Court and appeals in Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.a


Federal Taxes
State Taxes
Relief qualifications
Sale and Purchase of existing business concerns
Take over restructuring

Real Estate

Our real property practice covers a wide variety of clients, transactions and interests within and outside the country as may be dictated by our client’s interest. We have acted and continue to act for financial institutions, investors, dealers, developers and owners of property. We have been engaged in all aspects of real property transactions, including acquisition, investment, development, and redevelopment and refinancing.

The Firm has vast experience in investigating and deducing title; preparation of change of title documentation and obtaining governmental consents. The firm also institutes compensation claims and obtains land dispute settlements either by negotiation or litigation or arbitration.

Medical Malpractice

This covers any departure from the accepted standards of medical care causing harm to a patient. These standards are diverse, from wrong prescriptions to negligence during surgical procedures. We ensure that our clients, who believe they are victims of such malpractice, receive comprehensive legal advice. This is done where necessary in conjunction with a global network of experts.

Admiralty, Aviation and Maritime​

This is a peculiar aspect of law applicable to events which occur on navigable water and or air. These events include commercial interaction transactions on territorial water and high seas. It also covers movements of persons, goods and services by air and or water. Detailed advice is given to our clients involved in aviation maritime commercial transaction on the under listed;​

Bill of lading

  • Cargo claims

  • Personal injury

  • Ship Financing & Navigation

  • Insurance\Reinsurance                 

  • Charter parties/Operating

  • Agreements

  • Ship sale & Registration.

  • Air worthiness

  • Loss of goods and or life

  • Acquisition and Recapitalization of air crafts


Provide legal services to our clients in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria particularly in areas of compliance with the requirement of regulatory authorities before, during the process of and after registration as an operator in the industry. Where disputes have arisen, we have acted decisively on behalf of our clients by ensuring that their interests are protected and their rights enforced.
The firm handles matters relating to licensing and other compliances issues, acquisitions of rights of way, financing, operations, information technology including software, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, debt restructuring and dispute resolution amongst others.
We frequently advise clients on the regulatory framework for the telecommunications industry. We also assist clients with obtaining requisite approvals and permits from the telecommunications ‘regulator.

Oil and Gas

Oil is the single most important trade in the raw material sector in Nigeria; it contributes over (80%) percent of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings. Since the privatization scheme coupled with indigenous participation in the energy sector and the increasingly favourable economic climate more oil exploration and servicing companies are springing up (both foreign and indigenous) as a result. Most of the new entrants find themselves at a loss and with attendant costs, they therefore require legal services.

Corporate Service

We  also advice and provide services in respect of corporate matters from pre-incorporation of companies to incorporation, winding up of companies, merger/acquisition, corporate nominee services, drafting of agreements, organizing/ attending board meetings and Annual General meetings on behalf of companies and filing documents with the relevant government agencies in Nigeria where our services are required.


We offer clients consultancy services when the need arises. We also have a range of experienced individuals and or corporate bodies who are expert in analyzing and advising our clients in order to help them make the best possible choices in a particular situation. A strategic consultant may evaluate a business plan and help the client develop a plan to meet those strategic goals.

We act as legal consultants for individuals, enterprises and organization in different areas of practice and in this connection give legal advice and opinions on the interpretation and application of agreements, contracts and statutory provisions relevant to, affecting or relating to the functions, duties and powers of such organizations.

Criminal Law

Dipo Okpeseyi & CO has a team of experts ready to advise our clients on Criminal Law. We extend our legal experiences to serve clients of all types and sizes. Give us a call now.


We offer this at our firm

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