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About Us

‘Dipo Okpeseyi & Co. was formerly established on the 24th day of August 1988 and commenced business the same year.
It is a Law firm borne out of the desire to embrace the paradigm shift from conservative practice to a modern and highly specialized practice tailored to meet the needs of our varied clientele With experience tailored around needs of its clients, it is now a fully developed law firm with capacity to handle litigation and other legal needs of its client in a very professional manner.

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Having duly evolved into a reputable and globally recognised law firm made up of Barristers, Solicitors, Arbitrators, Nominees, Trustees, Notaries Public and consultants with specialised skills that are easily deployed in finding prompt solutions to clients legal and related needs, either through our well-honed skill in Litigation or by using our vast result oriented experience in international Commercial Arbitration or the Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R), Negotiations, Mediation and/or Conciliation, which are  contemporary tools for any business dispute resolution or our extensive experience and knowledge of our terrain.
We are gifted with committed, dedicated, deeply experienced and highly motivated staffers, comprising various practice area groups and very creative and flexible support staff that promptly deliver on its mandate. We also have specialised consultants whose services are effectively deployed, in appropriate circumstances.
We do not just cater for the legal needs of our client, we do in fact, care for their business growth and development, as such, we expend considerable resources in understanding the uniqueness or complexity of their industry and market representation. This key to providing client tailored solutions even for new businesses and old desiring new approach or expansion in services delivery.
In order to develop a more robust business relationship based on shared values, we regularly provide clients with well researched updates or insights into emerging legal issues or global regulatory trends that may be of interest to their overall business operation. This intermittent inflow of ‘legal intel ’is designed to give our clients, some measure of competitive edge in the formulation of their business or policy strategy.

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To build a world class practice within the global village: Deliver first class customer-oriented legal services in line with contemporary global demands in a dynamic economic environment, which requires up-to-date information with fast efficient and effective alternative conflict resolutions mechanism where appropriate.

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To render to our clients specialized, effective and efficient legal solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.

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